Solid Ground

by Jireh Calo

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Solid Ground is a collection of songs born from experiences that have taught me to stay true to my heart while staying grounded amidst the challenges and changes that come with that.


released April 22, 2017

All songs written, performed & produced by Jireh Calo

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Tony Molica
@ Molicamedia, Manchester, NH

Executive Producers: Tony Molica & Jireh Calo
Photography by Devin Ferreira
Album design by Jireh Calo

© 2017 Jireh Calo Music. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



all rights reserved


Jireh Calo Manila, Philippines

Singer/Pianist. Composer. Arranger. Producer.

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Track Name: Flame
Walk with me barefoot
along this path we know is unknown,
Your hand enclosed in mine, our two souls intertwined
and our hearts -- well,
who knows how high they've flown?

Dance with me for you know
I'd only dance with you,
Stepping on your toes,
as the saying goes:
falling is just another way to fly

Whisper my name, will you,
under the vast dark blanket of sky
Look in my eyes the way you do,
tell me the how's, and when's, and why

Whisper my name, will you,
under the vast dark blanket of sky
Look in my eyes the way you do,
tell me the how's, and when's, and why

Hold me
for there may come a time
when we can no long see
the stars the burned bright in such fiery light
can turn cold --

Don't let those flames retreat to their embers
Track Name: Sonder
The realization that
each wandering passerby
is living a life,
is living a life as complex as my own
Populated by their own conflicts,
their dreams and doubts and pain and ambitions,
stories that have yet to be told
how we can all seem separated
though in truth we are connected;
we are one
And as I weave through the crowds
I glimpse a stranger glance my way
and a thousand elaborate stories flash through my eyes

Where do we even begin?
I just felt a fire within!
Open up your eyes and see
you and I are free to be

Now you see my friends
we are one and yet our own
Though we shall fade
we shall have shone
Like the leaves that fall
we shall rise through it all,
the wind of chance blow us to unknown lands
but it's there that we see
So take my hand, go on take my heart
and if you will take my sorrow too
Hold it, hold it to the light
and know that hope is cased in a mustard seed,
Its a power we have yet to perceive
Track Name: Little Dreamer
Little girl full of dreams,
you can take on the world
just don't let the world take you away from me
The sun, the moon, the stars,
they will dance

Let the wind take you far
but let your heart stay with me
always believe I'll be there if you fall
A leaf that falls from its branch,
it'll dance
Track Name: Joy (feat. Devin Ferreira)
unspeakable joy,
I can't hold it in
No, I won't hold it in --
No, woah

Your love,
it surrounds me,
it lifts me off my feet,
it takes me out of the dark
and my burdens just wash away

So joy, unspeakable joy!
J-joy, unspeakable joy!

(freestyle rap)